Electrical Trade Test Training in South Africa

Electrical Trade Test Training in South Africa

Mitana School, one of the leading centers in South Africa for trade test training, is trained in the electrical trade. The school trains students to become Journeymen/woman in the electrical trade, in accordance with the standards set by NETA. The electrical trade training programs are recognized throughout South Africa and will cater for trainees that wish to take the relevant examinations leading to their electrical trade test cards in order to engage in the electrical trade in South Africa under license.

Electrical Trade test training in South Africa is a qualification which is achieved after completing a one-year electrical trade course.

The objectives of this training qualification are to achieve a level of skill and knowledge which is required in the electrical industry. The training consists of the following modules:

One primary concern in training is to facilitate a high degree of literacy in a variety of subjects critical to the development of an increasingly technological workforce.

To address this concern, there have been several variations of education reform in South Africa. The New National Curriculum Statement (2001) was developed by the National Curriculum Development Centre in partnership with all educational sectors in South Africa.

The standard does not define specific content for any subject yet provides a guide to curriculum formulation .

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